Tim Tebow in the Big Leagues???

In sports news this week, New York Mets general manager Sandy Alderson stated that he thinks Tim Tebow will play in the major leagues one day. "Somebody asked me whether I think he'll be a major league player at some point," I think he will play in the major leagues. That's my guess. That's my hope, and to some extent now after a year and a half, a modest expectation."

As a former washed up college baseball player this is a little frustrating to hear, opportunities like his just DON'T HAPPEN. There are a ton of players out there who would have died for the chance to play pro ball, and would have done so for a lot cheaper. BUT WE WONT GO THERE RIGHT NOW, LOL! To be honest, I think it is great that he is playing baseball and trying to do something outside of today's "box". I miss the Deon Sanders days and the Bo Jackson days, I have no problem with that aspect of this whole equation. The only thing that worries me is the fact they will 100% bring Tim Tebow up to the majors way too early for his own development. If the Mets aren't in the hunt this season, you can mark my words Tim will get the call. Not to assess his talent, or to give him a reward - just to simply sell tickets and make news. That is sports today sad to say, so don't be surprised folks.

Bottom line here, what do you think readers? Do you think Timmy can "hack" it in the big leagues? We want to hear your thoughts on this topic. Hit us up on social media or comment here on our BLOG.

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